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Be careful with being suspended by other tools!【here


Why Lim Is the best.


We have already succeeded in growing more than 7500 business and 2500 individual accounts 

Increase the number of followers...

How can you do?

​AI will automatically follow and like the accounts of potential followers who seem to like your account. Then, they will become interested in your page and follow your account.

This is the most effective way to make realistic and big fans.


AI will analyze posted sentences, and find people who have potential to be interested in your store or products based on their interest and lifestyle.


By using location information, AI will reach out to people who frequently come near your store, or surrounding area.

You can make very close fans.


You don't need to do hassle setup. It will take only 2 minutes. After that, AI will automatically follow and like the accounts of people who have potential to become your fan. 


There is no need to make a contract to use our system. The only thing you need to prepare is a credit card. Also, there is no cancellation fee. Please feel free to try our system. 


​​We are incomparable with other companies.

Here is the reason why we are the best.

Easy 4 STEPS


Azuchi-Momoyama castle town in Ise city, Mie prefecture. It's an amusement park, where people can experience various activities. Now, more and more people are visiting there because of its Instagram account.  The castle town is using Instagram to announce events regularly, which leads to effective marketing.

account is HERE


restaurants, online stores, people who want to be famous and many others are using our system.

スクリーンショット 2018-09-14 5.58.04.png

The account of udon noodle restaurant 'komachi' in Higashimurayama city, Tokyo prefenture. They set the target to local people. Now, the number of followers has been increased, and everyone in the city know the restaurant! Also, the restaurant is announcing events and communicating with customers on Instagram.

account is HERE

スクリーンショット 2018-09-14 6.03.40.png

Mercicamp in Zaimokuzaterrace. It is introduced on TV many times. People who visit shonan city are tend to search for cafes on Instagram, because shonan city is fashionable and close to Tokyo. So, the cafe has been succeeded to attract people. 

account is HERE

More than 10000 clients are choosing us.

People who have good products or services, but don't know how to attract customers. Such people need automatic system to attract customers by Instagram.
The system will increase true followers.

​Important NOTICE【HERE


Normal Price 500 USD

150 USD/month

(tax included)

for a wide variety of businesses

You can narrow down the target.

・automatic like

・automatic follow

​・comment function

・choosing comment

・automatic unfollow

・detailed targeting

・community target

​・target analysis(AI)

・area target

・consultation with account  planner(email)

​・priority email support



Normal Price 1,000 USD

400 USD/month

(tax included)

You can build branding and own media in the shortest time.

・automatic like

・automatic follow

​・comment function

・choosing comment

・automatic unfollow

・detailed targeting

・community target

​・target analysis(AI)

・area target

・consultation with account planner(email)

​・priority email support

・telephone support

・follower boost function

・action support

・targets can be all over the world



I'll deal with your questions!

Hello, everyone, I'm Mirai Nakamoto.

I'll deal with any questions  in order to make you use the service comfortably.

Please feel free to ask any questions.

Thank you.

​My profile is HERE

  • LimFacebook
  • LimYouTube
  • Lim Instagram
  • Lim Google map

#Lim to increase followers

​Please confirm following important matters

IMPORTANT!!According to the official announcement of Instagram(Facebook), all third party applications through Instagram API will be suspended from July to December in 2018. Therefore, there is a possibility that other companies will stop providing automatic systems and applications. On the other hand, we are operating the system by our own way built by the engineer who was working at Foreign-owned company, so you don't have to worry about the change of Instagram API. From now on, we predict that only our company can provide this type of service, so the price may be increased. Thus, we recommend you to apply as soon as possible. In terms of the differences between us and other companies, please refer to FAQ section below.

IMPORTANT!!Many accounts have been suspended by using other company's automatic system. If you use other company's system, you can decide the amount of actions, so there is a high risk of stopping your account. Please refer to HERE for detail.

IMPORTANT!!Even though our system has one of the highest quality of targeting function around the world, we cannot promise that profit will increase in a few days since you start using our system(Such a service doesn't exist).  Please make high quality channel by improving little by little. Moreover, once you increase Instagram followers, you can continue to reach out to them in a lifetime. Other marketing media are ineffective because you have to inform of new campaign, event and product with effort and high cost every time. Please understand the value of increasing Instagram followers, who will have been fans on Instagram for a long time.



【Safety of Lim Instagram automatic system】

When you use Instagram automatic system, you will worry about the risk that your account may be suspended or deleted. Even though followers of your account have been increased, they will come to nothing if your account is suspended or deleted. Such kind of problems occur frequently by other company's systems. This is because Instagram set a regulation of the amount of actions. If the amount of automatic and manual actions such as like and follow exceed regulated amount, they are considered as 'nuisance', and your account will be suspended or deleted. Moreover, regulated amount is changing every hour, so it requires huge man-hour to monitor such change. Therefore, almost all companies don't analyze on regulated amount. Also, if you use other company's system, you can choose the amount of actions by yourself. Therefore, people don't know about the regulation tend to set more than regulated amount of actions because they want to increase followers, which lead to suspend and delete their accounts. It is a problem that people can set the amount of actions by yourself. However, due to the analysis on Instagram by AI, our system can take 80%-90% of the regulated actions, so it can prevent accounts from being suspended or deleted. This is why we can operate big company's accounts and more than 1000 other accounts. Please take a look at web sites or applications of other companies, and compare them with our service.



【Risk of suspending and stopping account】

As described above「Safety of Lim Instagram automatic system」, other company's systems have a high risk that your account may be suspended or deleted. Please compare web sites or applications of Instagram automatic system carefully.

【The situation of company】

A company providing service is required to write down Specified Commercial Transactions Law. However, most companies don't write down it clearly,  it is in other country, or a reference is unclear.  Our company doesn't have a risk of account's suspending, so we have trading performance with big companies. and we are providing the service as domestic corporation.

Specified Commercial Transactions Law page


As described below「ABOUT TARGETING」, professionals of our company, not by users, set up targeting.  

【About support】​

​As described below「ABOUT SUPPORT」, we have a support system that you can consult professional account planners and Instagrammers about how to operate your Instagram account on the phone or email. This is why you can increase followers by our system more effectively than by other company's services.

【Location information】

Our system is the only Instagram automatic system that can set area targeting, because an engineer who was working at Foreign-owned companybefore have the technology to acquire location information.  Unless you can acquire location information, your Instagram account cannot be used for business. If you use other company's system, your account tend to get followers, who live abroad or in areas far away from your store.


Other company's system is for 'increasing followers', not for 'increasing fans and customers'. If you want to attract more customers, Lim Instagram automatic system is the most effective way. Please compare web sites or applications of Instagram automatic system carefully. 



【Lim's target planning】

If you use other company's system, you will choose the amount of actions on management screen by yourself. However, users, who don't have a knowledge about Instagram analysis, will have difficulties to set and adjust target every time. Finally, they may have no idea what is the best setting, and it often doesn't work. For example, most apparel makers set a target as '#fashion', when they want to attract 'people who like fashion'.  However, they won't be able to find that actually more than half of #fashion are used by company accounts. It means that they reach out to many company accounts, and can't increase followers, attract customers or build branding. Professionals in our company check and analyze target setting by sight, based on forms you fill out . 


【Change targeting】

Please confirm「SETTING・CHANGE」below.

【AI operation】

When users choose 'fashion' as desired target setting on the form, our AI set target as #fashion for 80% of overall actions, and the 20% of actions target hash tags related to fashion, such as #OOTD or #shopping. This is for creating comparison, and if AI find '#code' is more effective, it will change the ratio of target hash tags automatically. This loop continues forever, so operation based on the reaction rate leads to the most effective acquisition of fans. Moreover, due to AI, you don't have to analyze and change hash tags everyday . More and more you use the system, it will become more effective one, and you can get more followers. Please compare 'AI' of web sites or applications of Instagram automatic system carefully. 

【Measurement of reaction rate】

Reaction rate means the result of analysis on people who follow back your account, post back the like button on your page. It also considers how long people see your page, and whether they scroll down or not.  According to this reaction rate, AI take actions and set targets. 

【Adjust target based on the number of followers】

People tend to be interested in the store, where there is a long line. If your account has less than 1000 followers, AI doesn't take actions to only target people. This is because a account with less followers haven't built branding yet, so many people will not be interested in your account. Therefore, there is a risk to miss actual target people. For this reason, AI takes actions to wider variety of targets until your account get more than 1000 followers. Therefore, until then, targeting might not be exact, but AI focuses on the actual targets after your account get 1000-2000 followers. For this, request for increasing followers in other countries is really effective.

【Area targeting】

AI sets people who were in a certain area past 1 month as targets. That's why we can analyze detailed area, which other companies cannot. However, when you choose Nagoya-city as a target, AI may take actions to people who just come to the city for business trip. In order to prevent this kind of wrong action, Our AI can analyze 'frequency' and take actions to people who come to a certain area for more than 3 days in a month.

【Crawl targeting】

AI targets people who used assigned and related hash tags or keywords within a past month. For example, if you assigned '#cafe' as target, AI analyzes hundreds of millions of tags and finds similar tags, such as #cafe and #latte. Based on them, AI automatically creates tags in same category. Due to this AI system, you don't have to analyze hash tags. Also, our AI can crawl keywords such as posted sentences, as well as #. 

【Image targeting】

Some Instagram users don't put hash tags. Therefore, our AI processes image analysis and classifies images into category based on color and scenery. For example, if someone posts images of trees and forests, he or she is put into mountain-climbing=outdoor category. 

【Community targeting】

If you want to attract women in their 30s who are interested in fashion, AI can analyze that they seem to be following the account of  magazine VERY, and AI sets them as targets. Also, AI can analyze what kind of hash tags followers of VERY(mainly women in their 30s) are using. If it find out that they frequently use #ootd, it automatically changes the hash tag to #ootd. This is the best way to increase followers which competitors already have got. For example, if NIKE wants to increase followers who like sports, it can target to people who are following adidas.



【​Support for each plan】

Users of business plan can consult with account planners by email. Even though it depends on the content of question, on weekdays, you can usually get a reply within from 1 hour to 1 business day( For users of support plan, phone number written in an email you will receive after registration is your designed number, and you can ask questions on the phone from 11:00am to 6:00pm weekdays. 

【Contents of support】

Our company's professional Instarammers answer your question about our system and how to operate Instagram account one by one. In case your account itself has a problem, you cannot increase followers with our system. As the same as other marketing media, how to operate is the most important conditions to get more fans. We have Instagram's know-how and data because there are several hundreds of Instagrammers corrected for our another business Instagrammer Marketing in our company. Only our company provides the support for improvement of account and attracting customers.


【Consulting with account planners】

Users of our Instagram automatic system can consult with account planners for free. Professionals of Instagram will give you various  advice. HERE



【​Understanding the role of system】

Our system can raise the possibility of leading to actual purchase by making your account known by many people(recognition), and continuing to reach them after that(to be followed). Even though it is possible to increase fans(followers) with incredibly low cost, it depends on you how to approach to such followers. This is the same as other marketing media. For example, even though you provide leaflets with hundreds of thousands of people, it depends on your ability whether the design, and contents, way of solicitation can make people want to visit your store and buy something. Frankly speaking, you cannot get good outcome with any marketing media if you blame it. When you open your Instagram account, there are hundreds of, thousands of and tens of thousands of fans. If you just post something, many people will see it. Please make a good use of them. For Instagram, the only 3 important points are 'picture', 'posted sentence', 'solicitation', so you don't have to acquire professional skills on leaflet and SEO advertisement. 

【​Adjusting the monitoring system】

Some people told us that the number of customers decreased rapidly after they had cancelled our system. Are you putting URL of hotpepper? In such a case, actually you can attract customers by Instagram, but many people reserve through hotpepper, so you may misunderstand you can attract customers due to hotpeper. First of all, please adjust the monitoring system, such as 'you can get free drink if you see our Instagram!' It is impossible to measure cost-effectiveness. Please use effective marketing media. 

【Increasing the number of posts】

It is expected that the speed of increasing followers may be extremely slow, if there are less posts on your account. At the initial stage, please post more than 9 pictures(you can delete them if you want). After that, we recommend you to post regularly up to 50 posts, at least once in 3 days. If you post enough amount of pictures, you can post whenever you want.  

【Filling out profile thoroughly】

It can be said that the most important thing is profile setting. Actually, 72% of users leave from your account without seeing pictures(without scrolling), it means 72 in 100 people decide whether they follow your account or not only by profile. In order to make it possible to be read in 5 minutes, let's itemize the profile.  If you describe your hobby, place of residence and work, you can express human touch, which leads to increase followers. We also recommend you to include hash tags in your profile. These ways are the most effective ways to get more followers.

【Improving the contents of your posts】

We varify apparel maker's account ❶store's official acccount, ❷clerk's account., and we found out that clerk's account is several times as effective as store's official account, in terms of the rate of increase of HP inflow, followers and actual customers. Accounts posting imege of store's leaflet cannot obtain a good effect at all. Also, the situation is the same as accounts posting only polished products and foods pictures like a catalog. First of all, your account should not produce business atmosphere, and should produce humanness. For instance, it is important to make yoga instructor's account for yoga,  hairdresser's account for hair salon, and chef's account for restaurant. One of the good examples is hair salon Album. It operates hairdresser's account where he or she is introducing salon's account, so both salon and individual accounts are successful.  At first, customers tend to be interested in staffs rather than stores. The sentence, 'If you want to sell your products, begin with selling people' is also important for Instagram. 

【Slowdown in follower increase】

Sometimes users feel the speed of increasing in followers is slow. Please imagine the following  situation.  You can get 500 new followers every month by our system, but 10 % of your followers unfollow your account every month. Imagine that you have already gotten 5000 followers, but 500 of them(10%) unfollow your account. It means that increase in the number of followers is 0. As the same as organizing address book, a certain number of people clear off followers. In order to prevent being cleared off, the quality of your account is really important.


About system function

【Details of system setting】

  1. 【Automatic like】:Al automatically push the like button on other user's posts.

  2. 【Automatic follow】​:Al automatically follow other user's accounts.

  3. 【Automatic unfollow】:AI automatically follow other user's accounts, in order to prevent the excessive increase of followers.

  4. 【Automatic comment】: Al automatically make a designed comment on other user's accounts.(ex: I like your picture!)

  5. 【Designing comments】:You can design the contents of automatic comment. 

  6. 【Setting of detailed targeting】:You can set automatic actions in detail.(ex: Take a action to users who have posted something within past 3 days)

  7. 【Community target】​: AI can take actions to users who are following competitor's accounts. For example, if your target is people who like traveling, AI can set users who are following HIS's account as a target.

  8. 【Target analysis(AI)​ : AI narrow down the targets automatically by analyzing which target people have a higher rate of back action. 

  9. 【Area targeting】: AI take actions to people who are around your targeting area, by using a special function to get location information. 

  10. 【Consultation with account planners】: Account planners answer to your various questions.

  11. ​【Priority email support】: Your email is set as priority one among many other emails.

  12. 【Telephone support】: Only support plan users($400/a month)can ask questions about system and your account on the phone from 11:00am to 6:00pm weekdays. 

  13. 【Follower boost】: In order to build branding on your account in a very short time, at the beginning of every month, our newest AI function take actions to about 10,000 accounts all over the world at once. By this system, from 3% to 5% of such 10,000 accounts will follow back your account. 

  14. 【Adjusting the action speed】: We operate the system at the highest speed, monitoring safety of account by sight.

  15. 【Target all over the world】: More and more targets you set, it becomes more difficult to increase followers. Therefore, AI can target people all over the world temporarily to increase the number of followers.

【​Balance between followers and follows】

At the first setting, AI follow 20 users and unfollow 20 users, so actually the total number of follows don't change. If you want to change this setting, please contact us with ( However, if the user follows your account, AI don't unfollow the user, so the rate of increase in followers are getting higher along with the increase in follows. You can also change the setting to 'unfollow accounts even though they follow you'. If you prefer this setting, please apply from 'change settings'.

【Details of action targets】

Our system don't take actions to your friends and acquaintances who have been connecting with you since before you start using our system. Action targets are followers gained by our system and new Instagram users.

【Restriction on actions】

You can restrict some parts of action functions. For example, you can make a detailed request, such as 'please operates only automatic like function, no other actions'.  Please contact us with( We usually reply in a few hours, at leat in 1 business day.

【Differences between plans】

Please check service page for differences between business plan and support plan.

【Blocking side business accounts】

Our system has been valued as having one of the leading targeting systems all over the world. However, we cannot promise 100% of the targeting quality. There are no marketing media which can promise 100% of the targeting quality. Especially, if you apply to individual plan, the quality of targeting tend to be less than ​business plan because individual plan doesn't have area targeting function.  Even business plan may have a possibility to take actions to side business accounts(spam account saying like 'We can tell you how to earn money'). However, our AI know that such side business accounts tend to unfollow you or not to follow you. Therefore, we have an option that your account does not follow accounts using #side business(black list setting). Please feel free to consult with our account planner.

【​Actions by yourself】

Please refrain from taking actions(comment, like, follow, unfollow) by yourself during you are using our system. There are no problems with posting pictures and replying to comment and DM 'direct message' as usual. If you did not follow this rule, the system might stop. *Taking a few actions per a day is okay. Please be assured that we don't make you decide the amount of actions, unlike other Instagram automatic tools, websites and applications to increase followers. 

【Accounts with less posts】

It is expected that the speed of increasing followers may be extremely slow, if there are less posts on your account. At the initial stage, please post more than 9 pictures(you can delete them if you want). After that, we recommend you to post regularly up to 50 posts, at least once in 3 days. If you post enough amount of pictures, you can post whenever you want. 

【Side business account】

​Side business accounts have an extremely low possibility to be followed. Please refrain from writing #side business #making money on your profile or posts. It is more effective to make ordinary Instagram account and produce human-like atmosphere. 



【Changing a payment method】

Please refer to 「setting・changing」 below.

【Issuing a receipt】

We don't issue a receipt individually. For corporation, credit card statement can be official certification expenses of the company, so please use your credit card statement.

【Credit card statement

On your credit card statement, payment agency 'AnyPay', which we are using, or 'LimJapan' is written.

【Cycle of billing】

You are billed at the day when you apply to our service. Usage fee is not billed at a daily rate, but we prepare 3 payment dates per a month in order to prevent customer's disadvantage. Every month, 10th, 20th and 28th are payment dates. We assign payment dates because assignment of payment differs depending on application date and system start date.

【If you want to pay with another person's payment information】

​Basically, your payment information should be your own one. However, if you pay with another person's payment information, please make sure that both of the persons concerned agree on it, and our company don't take a responsibility for any problems between the persons concerned. In case any troubles between the persons concerned occur, and a credit card company judges it as illegal charge, and our company get chargeback of usage fee, we consider that the situation cause economic damage and creditworthiness to us. Then, please note that we claim for compensation for damage and bring a criminal action based on our corporation lawyer's advice.  In such a case, the wrongdoer is charged for all the costs of a lawsuit.  

【Eliminating arrearage】

You can eliminate arrearage from management screen. If you have not answered our demand for payment for a certain period, as the a same as the case with mobile phone operators, you may be registered in personal credit information agencies. Also, server fee and workload to demand for payment will be a part of service, regardless of operation of the system.  Therefore, amount in arrears will be accumulated, so please deal with it soon along with email(Our company lawyer contacts you when amount in your arrears arrive in a certain amount. As described on user policy, we judge your arrears with Tokyo District Court as exclusive agreement jurisdictional court). 



【Checking the amount of actions】​

You can refer to HERE to check haw much actions our system are taking, how is the rate of increase in followers and how is outcome. If the system operation is suspended, you cannot check them, so please authenticate your account again. You cannot check them in a business day after you apply or start using the system because we don't have enough data yet.


【Changing a payment method】

Please log into management screen, in order to change your payment method. If you want to change credit card information, please  provide new information with us there.

(Only VISA/MASTERCARD. We are not basically accepting Debit card or pre-paid card)

【Checking target setting status】

As described above 【ABOUT TARGETING】,  AI is processing automatic optimization of targeting, so we are not able to tell you target setting status. However, you can check action target's posts from 'posts you liked'. By doing so, to some extent, you can grasp which target audience AI is taking actions to some extent. 

【Request for rapid increase of followers】

For users who are struggling to increase followers, we put importance on increasing followers, and operate the system in that way. In such a situation, the system take actions to several hundreds of million of Instagram users all over the world.You can request for this setting from HERE.

【Changing a target setting】

You can change your target setting(HERE). It will be processed in 24 hours. You need to wait for at least 2 weeks before you make change any setting next. From this link, you can also change the contents of comment.

【If you want to change a plan】

You can change a plan easily from HERE. If you change a plan, new price will be applied from next month. Also, you can use new support system after next month's payment data.

【If you want to change a registered account】

We are planning by account, so you cannot change a registered account once you apply to our system.


【If you want to cancel a plan】

Please make sure that you see detailed file and terms of service about system cancelation. After that, you can cancel the system from HERE.


Terms of services

Please read through HERE for terms of services.

















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